I am:

a visual artist with invisible illness.

a quiet person, but my art is loud. It is full of color and emotion, like the inside of my mind.

a synesthete who sometimes paints to the motion/flow/imagery I “see” or feel when I hear music.

an abstract artist, who tends to think abstractly and see the world in the abstract


My creative process:

is organic & free– when I work, I lose myself in color and light and descend into an ethereal world full of shape, texture and sound-turned-image.

Empathy, curiosity and a passion for learning influence my work. That is how I approach life, and I find never-ending sources of inspiration from nature and humans alike.


My (short) Story:

For several years I painted and created in many mediums such as acrylic,  screen printing, printmaking and fibers– until a traumatic event resulted in losing all of my possessions [yes, all]– including my rather large stock of art supplies. And ALL of my past artwork, sketchbooks, and projects from university are gone (all that remains are digital photographs of a select few).

Slowly but surely I’m trying to replace my materials and create new art, but for now I am limited to watercolor, pen, and paper. The limitation of having only a small supply of tools at my disposal has made me learn new techniques and broaden the scope of what I can create with limited means– but I look forward to the day I can create freely again in whichever medium calls to me for each new idea without impediment.

I am now very much aware of the transient and fleeting quality of material items and life itself.  And more mindful of the act of creating and letting go…


Currently live & work in: Upstate New York, USA

b. 1989

B.F.A. 2012

Email: jennadecker824@gmail.com

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jennabdecker

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abstractawkward/

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding commissions, representation, collaborations, or about purchasing my work.

All paintings and images presented on this website belong to © Jenna Decker. Do not copy or reproduce without permission.



The Art of Asking:

I am accepting donations to try to re-stock my lost supplies. Click “buy now” below to contribute any amount you wish from $1 and up (through paypal). Please email me if you want more information. Include your home/mailing address in “special instructions to seller” for any donation over $20 and I will send you a hand-painted thank you card! Thank you thank you thank you in advance for supporting my work!     xJenna

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