Past Work

You can find more of my old pieces and writings about my past work on my old website/blog:

Acrylics & Fibers on canvas/wood panel (2012-2015)

Orange River Constellations Jenna Decker

Charred Notes Jenna DeckerBokeh Jenna DeckerRhythm Jenna DeckerCompose Vermillion Jenna Decker -Musical Gardens Jenna DeckerFalse Horizons Jenna DeckerDivided Nature Jenna DeckerBonjour Jenna DeckerCataract Jenna DeckerCrescendo Jenna DeckerNoise Pollution Jenna DeckerSprout and Come to Be Jenna DeckerInterwoven (Mixed-Media) Jenna Decker

Watercolor & Fibers on paper (2012-2016)

Color Scheme No 1, 2, &Mondegreen Jenna DeckerBurnt Sienna Algebra Jenna DeckerNeon Mountains & Never-Played Symphony Jenna DeckerSound It Out & Mute Forest Jenna Decker

Winged Jenna DeckerUntitled I, II, III Jenna Decker

Watercolor on Paper (2012-2015)

Terra, Feels Like Rain, Falling Strokes Jenna DeckerBlue Notes Falling Jenna DeckerBecoming a Daydream Jenna DeckerEvery Song Ends Jenna DeckerYou're Still Sick Julie Jacobsen Deck


Dual Life Jenna DeckerContained Land Jenna DeckerNot Literally, but Metaphorically Jenna DeckerAscending Syllables, Hearsay Jenna Decker smWarm Sketch, Warp and Weft Jenna Decker smLinear Rhythm, Notes Askew, Straight Ahead Jenna Decker smIkat, Like an Arrow, shift, bearings, open nature, cosmic space jenna decker


Hand Prints 1-5 Jenna Decker

Precipice, Tumbling Triangles Jenna DeckerMusical Spheres, Dulcet, Whirl Jenna Decker

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